Sustainability is the core of our business

We want to save clean water for the future needs of our children, to save water for our environment and to bring water conservation solutions to the communities in which we serve.

The Ultimate irrigation tool

Shift Schedule based on Location Specific Weather Data 

Sprinkler Sensor

Cut sprinkling costs in half

Manpower Savings – Save Site Visits – Reprogramming 

Leak Detection

Advanced Forecasting

Leak Detection – Repair Expenses From Leaks

Yard Guard

Remote Capabilities

Adjust and monitor Irrigation activity via Mobile app or PC

Battery Operated

Our goal is to save you water and money on your landscape irrigation, while preventing damage due to leaks and overwatering. As water prices continue to rise and more people relocate, the Sustainable Sprinkler system is a must have for your property.

Using calibrated weather data for your pinpoint location, the Sustainable Sprinkler system stops your irrigation system from working when it rains or is forecasted to rain. By integrating our system your property will benefit by irrigation cost savings, water consumption, superior landscape management, and labor maintenance expense.

The Sprinkler system is designed to always irrigate based on a flexible schedule which dynamically shifts and automatically adjusts to sprinkling needs on any given day based on the current and future local weather conditions and irrigation requirements.

The system works in compliance with the irrigation rules of the water management district and county while ensuring dynamic schedules for irrigating all facilities.

  • Save 40% or more on water bills
  • Leak detection zone shut off with alerts sent to multiple parties
  • Remote site management capabilities – mobile app or PC
  • Make watering changes with a phone call
  • Block level location specific watering based on GPS grids not zip codes
  • Shift scheduling based on near real time NOAA forecast vs fixed scheduled watering
  • Comprehensive report management
  • Connects to existing irrigation system
  • Flow monitor reports actual water usage
  • Yard Guard – detects when drought conditions are present
  • Patented technology

Sustainability is an attitude and a mentality, a way to help the community. We push the water revolution boundaries of possibility in efficiency and water conservation.

It is about getting the most value to our customers and the world, its what are employees are about and its good business, its the sustainable way. 

Our smart sprinkling system allows users to conserve millions of gallons of water used for sprinkling by providing a location-specific sprinkling solution. 

Our patent-pending technology integrates calibrated past rainfall data, sensor data, and future weather forecast data to provide an optimized sprinkling schedule. 

With our strategic alliance with water management districts, you will be eligible for exemption.