Sustainability is the core of our business!

We install
No Digging
Simple and Easy


 Fundamental Difference

Shift vs Fixed



Remote Capabilities
Adjust and monitor Irrigation activity via Mobile app or PC



Irrigate – Automatically
Near Real-Time Rainfall Data



Advanced Forecasting
Based on Location Specific Data


If it has rained or if there is impending rain tomorrow, your sprinklers will not run.

Primary Sensor

SustainSprinkle’s Primary Sensor uses 5G technology which transmits data at faster speeds. 

Mobile application based control
(set it and forget it)

No system modifications needed
Our equipment works through your existing timer

Remote system diagnostics
System errors are reported immediately and automatically

Saves water and energy
Various customizable irrigation programs

Leak Detection

Our pressure leak detection is a cost savings must. You have insurance with the Sustain Pressure sensor. No need to waste time and run up cost on labor, things can  run high when your property has to be monitored constantly. 

Save water with we promise

Battery Operated System

SustainSprinkle latest development is a milestone product for commercial application. Areas that are isolated or hard to reach can no be managed with more precision. This system has extended battery life due to solar power.