Sole Source

Reasons for Sole Source:

The sprinkler system is designed to always sprinkle based on a flexible schedule which dynamically shifts and automatically adjusts to sprinkling needs on any given day based on the current and future local weather conditions and irrigation requirements.

The system works in compliance with the irrigation rules of the water management district and county while ensuring dynamic schedules for irrigating all facilities.

It is important to note that all the competing technologies work based on a fixed schedule and they can only skip a sprinkling cycle.

However this system is the only system which works on a flexible schedule with the shift capability to sprinkle on any given day based on the watering needs which in compliance with the county and South Florida Water Management District rules for irrigation. Such shifting capability provides huge cost savings in the irrigation water needs.

The system uses a real-time calibrated weather data, specific to every location as opposed to generalized raw weather data for a larger areas, such as a city or a zip-code representing much larger grid sizes as in case of other sprinkling systems.

The system has the unique ability to interface with the existing sprinkling clocks and does not require any replacement of existing system in any parks. The system interfaces with the existing system with simple two wire connection and power supply and avoid any digging and re-installation process.

Finally the easy interface with your existing clocks make the existing sprinkling system into a smart sprinkling system without the need for any expensive system replacement and weather data additions.

The vendor provides all system maintenance, and system (software/hardware) upgrades on all installations.