Smart Leak Detection

Sprinkler Leak Detector

Sprinkler Flow

Leak detection for irrigation systems are virtually non existent. With Sustainable Sprinkler's, new technology  its simple and cost effective. In the past you would need to send staff to a site for regular inspections of dry patches, large ground openings that indicate burst pipes and blown or blocked irrigation heads. No buttons to push, no instructions to read and no inspections. We do it all!

Sustainable Sprinkler has two types of leak detection, our pressure sensor and our more advanced flow sensor. Our pressure sensor is a more economical leak detection sensor with an easy user dash board. The flow sensor has more advanced features for specific data.

The system utilizes a cellular modem to connect to the Sustainable Sprinkler server application. This allows the device to be deployed in any environment where cellular signal is available. The advantage of this is that the device does not require a wired connection to a signal repeater, or access to Wi-Fi in the area.

 The deployable area is realistically anywhere there is an irrigation system. The sensor attaches the irrigation pipe at the point of one of the solenoid valves of the system. 

It draws power from the solenoid when activated which eliminates the requirement for wiring to be run to a power supply.

 This reduces the cost of installation and expands the ability of area’s of installation. No need to run wire under roadways/walkways as well as trenching. 

The device takes measurements of the pressure in the pipe as a way to predict water flow through the pipe but also gives a very accurate reading for when a irrigation zone has experienced a failure such as a broken pipe, broken irrigation head, or clogged pump/line. 

Alerts are initiated real-time from the server and reports are sent immediately to the customer for immediate action.


Reduce cost with Sustainable Sprinkler and you can check your locations via our cloud based backend system from your phone, laptop or desk top. Its simple and easy. 

Just log in and get a complete picture of your irrigation system. You’ll get 3 types of data and a visual picture of what has occurred and what is set to occur for your daily sprinkling needs.  

Smart Contact

Our system uses the same wireless technology that all of our products have. You can be sure that any changes to your irrigation system you will be the first to know. 

The system stays in constant contact with the Sustainable Sprinkler Cloud and any interruptions in that contact creates an alert to your account. 

Easy Install

Sustainable Sprinkler engineers will expertly install your sensor to your existing system or using our new patented all in one system. 

We than calibrate System to insure reliable communication with the Sustainable Sprinkler Cloud. Than our technician will set perimeters to your specifications. You’re set!

Monitor System

Remotely access your system anywhere with Sustainable Sprinkler Cloud. Using a tablet Desktop or Smartphone you can make adjustments to your account retrieve savings data, monitor water usage and see your latest alerts.

Alert System

24 hours a day 7 days a week your irrigation system is constantly scanned for leaks, low pressure and lost connection.  

Technical Specifications

For Pipe Size

Pressure Range


Fluid Temperature Range

Taps Copper or PVC Pipe

Flow Material


1" to 2" 1/2

5 to 150 psi

+/- 5 % of Reading

32 to 120 Degree

Any water line material


Positive Displacement

Advanced Sprinkler Flow Sensor

Measurement of water flow in gallons per
minute (GPM)

Alerts for increases and decreases in water

Day-to-day flow reports via detailed calendar

Future: long-term flow reports with
estimated water usage

Installation of a Flow Sensor with Sustainable Sprinkler introduces
valuable insight into the actual usage of water at each location.
Graphed flow data enables per-minute usage analysis. Automatic alerts
will keep you informed of actual performance problems.

Flow meters that are currently installed

  • Impeller(Data Industrial) 228PV Series PVC
  • Badger Industrial 250BR Series Bronze
  • Hunter FCT PVC
  • Toro PVC
  • If you have another flow meter installed please provide us with a manufacture/ model number and we will work to integrate this into our existing systems

How do I install the Flow Meter?

  • Sustainable Sprinkler will help you choose an appropriate flow sensor. Just let us know the pipe size/schedule (diameter and wall thickness). Sustainable Sprinkler can assist in finding an installer or installation can be performed by your crew.

What is the cost of the system?

  • The cost of the flow meter ranges depending on the irrigation pipe diameter, brand and material. Knowing the irrigation pipe diameter and material will dictate the cost of your flow meter. 
  • The cost for monitoring is a Monthly charge.

What is the connection for the device?

  • The Flow Sensors two wires should be run back to the irrigation clock. Our technicians will come out and hook the wiring into our system and do the calibration procedure at that time.

What is included in the monitoring?

  • Real-time Flow data.
  • Historical flow recording on our database accesiible