Sustainable Sprinkler was conceptualized by Dr. Michael Levine, who is a well-known innovator with more than 65 patents issued today. Some of his key patents include:

Key Patents Sold/Licensed:
• Co-design of Atlas ICBM Digital Guidance
Computer in 1959
• Fopen Real-Time Radar Processor in 1965
• Desktop PC in 1967
• Display Terminals in 1970
• Programmable Thermostat in 1975


Patents incorporated in Products:
• on-screen VCR programming
• electronic interactive TV guide
• digital video recorder
• several environmental patents
• low-energy water distillation method
• microprocessor-controlled programmable


Michael Levine has been a great technical leader and visionary who founded several successful companies, has over 60 US patents in the areas of technology-based products such as computers and consumer electronics, and is frequent invited speaker at engine ring and business colleges.

In his long and successful career, Michael Levine had many great design achievements including codesign of Atlas ICBM Digital Guidance Computer in 1959, Fopen Real-Time Radar Processor in 1965, Desktop PC in 1967, Display Terminals in 1970, and Programmable Thermostat in 1975.

Many of Michael’s patents were implemented and today they are commercial products used by millions people worldwide. They include: on-screen VCR programming, electronic interactive TV guide, digital video recorder, several environmental patents, a low-energy water distillation method, microprocessor-controlled programmable thermostats, and many

Entrepreneur and inventor extraordinaire, philanthropist

Issued over 60 US patents in areas of technology-based products such as computers
and consumer electronics including:

the desktop PC,

the on-screen VCR programming feature adopted worldwide
the electronic interactive TV guide

the digital video recorder

architect of the microprocessor

environmental patents:

a low-energy vacuum water distillation method that uses waste heat from
electrical power plants to distil water

microprocessor-controlled programmable thermostats for home climate control
the heat pump defrost method adopted by most manufacturers

Founder of several successful companies

Frequent invited speaker at both engineering and business colleges, including Florida
Atlantic University, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, University of
Michigan, and Eastern Michigan University

Speaker and Panelist at the University of Michigan’s Growth Capital Symposium

Offered position as IBM research fellow based on submitted Master’s Thesis on a
computer that can add and multiply without using carries (declined)

World-class champion bridge player and 2012 Grand Life Master

Pilot, cyclist, and sailor

Sponsored and collaborated· in scientific research with Florida Atlantic University,
University of Michigan, and Weizmann Institute

He has successfully led several companies; few of which were successfully acquired by other organizations such as Honeywell. Dr. Levine has identified inefficiencies in systems and has developed new methods and processes for bridging those system inefficiencies leading to smarter products.

Similarly, current sprinkler systems work on a fixed schedule of sprinkling and, depending on the system, uses information from local sensors such as soil moisture or rain-sensor. The fixed schedule of sprinkling does not allow capturing the impact of rain in that specific location in an optimized manner. Therefore he developed a patented algorithm which is flexible and allows a dynamic schedule for sprinkling in order to maximize the ability to capture the impact of past and future rains.