Battery Operated

SustainSprinkle latest development is a milestone product for commercial and residential applications. Areas that are isolated or hard to reach can no be managed with more precision. This system has extended battery life due to solar power.  

Remote Locations

Road Medians

Playgrounds and Parks


Solar Powered

Cloud Based


Easy Install


  • No other control system needed 
  • Remotely monitor or change your schedule from the Sustain Cloud.
  • Alerts bad zones
  • No need to visit location regularly 
  • IVR system make adjustments anywhere and anytime
  • The control box is buried out of reach from vandals
  • Battery can be extended up to 5 years


  • Waterproof enclosure
  • 8 zone capacity
  • SustainSprinkle’s patented water savings technology
  • 9v battery type 
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Full summary of water usage 
  • Monthly and quarterly water savings reports
  • System stays in consent contact wirelessly
  •  Unlimited maximum runtime


Locations with No AC Power

AC Systems with Wiring Issues

SustainSprinkle Battery Operated All in One System

Our stand-alone battery powered irrigation device is contained in a water tight box which can deliver all the service commands that SustainSprinkle’s regular controller does and more. The battery life is three years and can be extended with our solar panel for up to five years. The system will stay in constant contact with our cloud based server to keep you updated with alerts and system executed commands. By providing you with remote control to irrigation needs while giving significant savings in water usage, this is a perfect solution for highway medians and other isolated areas that require landscape watering.

Control Manual Run with our Sprinkle APP

Remote Locations Requiring Irrigation

8-Zone Irrigation Controller

Bluetooth and Cellular Integration

Extend the life of your battery with Solar Panel Add-on

Interfaces with SustainSprinkle System

Mobile Application for Remote and Manual

Alerts for Low Battery Status


Extend the life of your battery up to 5 years

Save water with we promise