The Sustainable Sprinkler System is designed to always sprinkler based on a flexible schedule which dynamically shifts and automatically adjusts to sprinkling needs on any given day based on the current and future local weather conditions and irrigation requirements.

One app. Thousands of ways to water.

Get the right watering plan for all your plants.

The Word's First Ever Smart Sprinklers

Sustainable Sprinkler is made easy. 


Simply use your web browser or mobile device to view,
manage and monitor your irrigation system.

Smart Sprinkler

You don’t need to worry if you forgot to water your plants or if you want to skip watering because of the rain, Sustainable Sprinkler will do everything for you.

On device, or in-app controls

Manage your Irrigation using Web or Mobile app. Mobile app is available in Google Play Store for Android Devices and in Apple Store for IOS/iPhone Devices.