Helping Save Water

SustainSprinkle wants to be the driving force to take control of your irrigation usage, lower cost and save water worldwide. We can all benefit from saving our water supply and not wasting it, financially as well as environmentally. Some estimates state that irrigation is responsible for 80% of potable water used, that has to change. SustainSprinkle wants to make a competitive impact and save clean water for the future. “At SustainSprinkle, we have the opportunity to solve problems for today and the future. Staying true to our commitment, we’ve been able to make changes in the water consumption industry for the better,” said the Director of Engineering.


SustainSprinkle is much more than simply a fad it is a serious technology that can change the way we waste water needlessly. Most irrigation water is immediately evaporated, and aquifers are being drained at an alarming rate and we’re committed to continuing to build our solution. SustainSprinkle has advocated on their behalf by working with all types of developments, commercial, private, and public to lower water consumption and associated costs.


Included is professional installation, no digging, 24/7 cloud service and ability to control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. Your constant access to your lawn can be through our app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or any tablet, computer or phone. Accessibility to your system 24 hours a day, savings of up to 50% on your water bill and knowing that your lawn will be watered when needed. This is a product no home owner, property manager, HOA, City municipality should not be using.

Florida Rainfall

One inch of rain is equal to 27,154 gallons per 1 acre. South Florida has an annual precipitation of 61.3 inches per year. That is an average of 1million 600+ gallons a year for our lawns. Our sprinkler systems use 12 gallons per minute. This works out to 2160 gallons of water a week for 3 hours of sprinkling, with an average of 112,000 gallons a year per household. Most the lawns in South Florida are over watered. Using SustainSprinkles patented smart system saves water, money and our drinking water.