Sustainable Sprinkler Advanced System

  • Mobile application based control
    (set it and forget it)
  • No system modifications needed
  • Our equipment works through your existing timer
  • Remote system diagnostics
  • System errors are reported immediately and automatically
  • Saves water and energy
  • Various customizable irrigation programs

Wireless Flow Sensor

  • Long Range, Solar Powered Wireless Flow Sensor
  • Compatible with Most Existing Two Wire Flow Sensors
  • Connects to Existing Sustainable Sprinkler Advance Irrigation Controller
  • No More Digging to Run Wires

Flow Monitor

  • Real-time monitoring of GPM used
  • Detailed historical view of per zone usage
  • Automatic shut-off if over or under flow detected
  • City water or pump compatible

Coming Soon! Battery Operated 8-Zone Controller

  • Cellular and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Solar Powered with Backup Battery for 5 Year Life
  • Full Irrigation Customization with Phone App and Website
  • Allows for Immediate Control and Viewing of Irrigation at Remote Locations
  • Full Replacement of any 9V systems on the Market

Yard Guard

  • System automatically detects when drought conditions are present
  • Automatic extended watering with customer notifications
  • No worrying about landscaping drying out due to drought
  • With Yard Guard in place your landscape is being protected

Monetary Impact

Lower water consumption, leading to lower water bills

Environmental Impact

Less water consumption, less chemical run-off polution, reduction in fungus.

Landscaping & Social Impact

Reduction in mold due to over-watering,
no monitoring needed.

How it works

Sustainable sprinkler works by taking radar data as depicted on your favorite app or weather channel.

We calibrate this radar data and add a pin point on the map representing your location.

We use the projected short-term area forecast and any isolated storms that may pass through this pin point.

This information is then combined in a patent-pending formulation.

With all this data, your lawn will either sprinkle or receive more than your default minimums using fewer sprinkling events.