Our Smart Sprinkling allows customers to conserve millions of gallons water used for sprinkling by providing a location-specific irrigation solution.

Our patented technology integrates calibrated rainfall data, sensor data, and future weather forecast data to provide an optimized sprinkling schedule.

The Ultimate irrigation tool

Shift Schedule based on Location Specific Weather Data 

Sprinkle Sensor

Cut sprinkling costs in half

Manpower Savings – Save Site Visits – Reprogramming 

Leak Detection

Advanced Forecasting

Leak Detection – Repair Expenses From Leaks

Yard Guard

Remote Capabilities

Adjust and monitor Irrigation activity via Mobile app or PC

Battery Operated

South Florida Water Managment

The South Florida Water Management District will grant a variance license for use with our sensor 

United States Patent Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has patented several of SustainSprinkle’s products

City of Fort Lauderdale

The City of Fort Lauderdale has researched our products with proven savings substantially higher than advertised 

Landscape watering consumes more than half of urban water usage. Water conservation is a crucial part of environmental conservation. Further, in most cases the landscapes are considerably over watered because the watering timers being fixed in schedule which are set for worst/normal case scenarios. Our sprinkler system allows users to conserve millions of gallons of water used for sprinkling by providing location-specific smart sprinkling solution.

Save water with we promise
"Since the installation of SustainSprinkle our water bills have decreased drastically. The system has paid for itself in one month."
The services of SustainSprinkle LLC have been a good investment so far for the city and the support from the staff has been excellent. I would like to provide my recommendations to SusutainSprinkle for their irrigation management services.
."Takes out all the guess work and I have found the system very user friendly, while providing substantial water savings."

Sustainsprinkle works by taking radar data as depicted on your favorite app or weather channel

We calibrate this radar data and add a pin point on the map representing your location.

We use the projected short-term area forecast and any isolated storms that may pass through this pin point.

This information is then combined in a patent-pending formulation.

With all this data, your lawn will either sprinkle or receive more than your default minimums using fewer sprinkling events.

Too Much Water

Over watering a lawn is much worse for the grass and trees than under watering a lawn because a lawn that is watered too much will starve the soil of oxygen. Air is extremely important to the health of the soil and to promote deep digging grass roots. The soil underneath your sod is composed of sand, silt, and clay particles – as well as porous spaces. … Without oxygen, the roots of the sod will suffocate and die, leaving the plant with a very shallow root system.

Protect your soil

Soil type, field slope, and flow rate all affect surface irrigation erosion, with flow rate being the main factor that can be managed. Ideally, sprinkler irrigation will have no runoff, but application rates on moving irrigation systems can exceed the soil infiltration rate, resulting in runoff and erosion


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Save water with we promise